About Us

Civil constructions on the very wide scale & participates actively in government and private sector projects.

Ramawat Group is involved in civil constructions on the very wide scale which comprises of excavation by special machineries in all the form of soils and rocks, precast cement, block lining, cast-in-situ cement, concrete lining, & erection of bridges, fencing, drainage etc is our forte. The company participates actively in government and private sector projects.

Ramawat Group was the most privileged to lay its foundation with the Asia's biggest project of canal which was initially known as "Indira Gandhi Canal" and was formally named as "Rajasthan Canal Project". Aspiration to make a niche in the sphere of construction has made the Ramawat Group as a most eminent in Rajasthan and Gujarat as well.

Passion to explore the every possible sphere of civil construction, Ramawat Group got employed into constructing the canal Aqueduct (2 Nos.) and state road bridge (1 No.) at Jaisalmer, involving the PCC & RCC work on the very large extent. Covering the very rural & remote areas of western Rajasthan where drinking water, conveyance and the labour were not accessible so it had to be coping up from the nearby Districts of Jodhpur, Barmer and Nagaur. We are committed to carry out the every new project throughout by latest machinery.

In the meantime in the Year 1999, Ramawat Construction's interests had led it into a new area, of associating with the Central Public Work Department for erecting the boundary wall for B.S.F Premises at Jaisalmer. In addition to this, erection of civil foundation of Wind Turbine for Suzlon Infrastructure Services Ltd has turned out to be our forte. Civil foundations of 0.60MW to 2.1MW WTG's were erected at the various intricate locations which includes sunny desert and salty sea locations of Rajasthan and Gujarat. So the ratio of erecting such civil foundations in the fiscal year 2010-11 have had completed about 600 nos. for SISL and was up to the mark.

Ramawat Group has its several firsts to its credit not only in India but in Asia as well for erecting Canal Aqueduct's, State Road Bridge, erection & assembling of Solar Power Plant of 5 MW at Khinvsar (Nagaur) for Reliance Industries Limited under their approved drawing & specification. The Solar Power Plant of 30 MW for Moser Baer Solar Group at Palanpur (Gujarat) is first of its own in Asia. With an experience of over 22 years, & with our fleet of experienced and skilled technical, project, and marketing personnel, we are definitely the best choice and source in the sphere of constructions. We also had a credit in our belt of successfully completing 5 MW projects at Tinwari, Osiyan & Balotra in Rajasthan state and three projects in Gujarat of 15 MW, 20MW & 30 MW, all these projects were initiated and completed at the same time which is an achievement for us. RCPL has contributed significantly to the growth and development & known for its innovation and creating industry benchmark's.

Our Mission

Ramawat Energy Pvt. Ltd. have a opportunity to carry out civil work like construction of Pylon RCC Foundation up to 15 Meters depth in sandy area, as well as other allied work for two projects 1x50 MW Solar Thermal belong to Godawari & Abhijeet under EPC Contractor Lauren & Shriram respectively. These plants are situated at remote area in west Rajasthan (India). Till April'2012, about 50% work of RCC Pylon has been completed before scheduled date. Work was strict to specification and tolerance acceptable to customer. These type projects are first to commissioned within Asia, which is matter of proud for RCPL.

Ramawat Group's interests in energy in particular led it to acquire another sphere to make its forte. Ramawat Group nonetheless remains committed to its structure as a highly diversified conglomerate. Looking towards the current scenario, energy is one of the major inputs for the economic development of any country. In the case of the developing countries, the energy sector assumes a critical importance in view of the ever-increasing energy needs requiring huge investments to meet them. As the fuel prices are increasing by leaps & bounds and government is helpless having a control on prices contributing into uneconomic unit generation cost. Hence the government policies have started Promoting & inclined towards power generation from alternate sources.